Christian Education for Children

Each Sunday, beginning in early September, St. John’s Church School is offered immediately following the 10:00 am Holy Eucharist. Our Sunday program is appropriate for children pre- school age to 12th grade. Our curriculum, Weaving God’s Promise is specifically designed for children in the Episcopal Church.

Children attend the ‘main service’ at 10:00 am with their families, and once having received Holy Communion, head to their classrooms under the supervision of our church school teachers. All classrooms have the teacher’s name and grade range listed on them.

We ask that parents release their children for Church School after they have received Communion. They can exit directly out the side doors where the Amanda Murray, Director of Youth and Education Ministries or a Church School teacher will be waiting to lead them to their classrooms. The teachers will be waiting in their classrooms. All classrooms have the teacher’s name and grade listed on them. We ask that all parents return to pick up their children from their classrooms at noon.

Each classroom will have two teachers each week, an adult lead teacher and an assistant youth leader. Preschool to 2nd Grade (Upstairs) is taught by Jessica Kimble. The 3rd Grade to 6th Grade Class (Guild Room) is taught by Skip & Candi Wilson. Church school will be combined and taught by Amanda Murray during Advent, Lent, Easter, and some major holiday weekends.