Acolytes/Altar Servers

At St. John’s, acolytes serve each Sunday at the 10:00 am celebration of Holy Eucharist. Our acolytes serve in a variety of ways. Here’s a list of the various they participate and a brief description.

  1. Crucifer-The Crucifer or Cross Bearer carries the tall processional cross to lead the procession of acolytes, choir members, chalice bearers and clergy as they enter and leave. At the reading of the Holy Gospel, the crucifer leads down into the center aisle where the Priest or Deacon reads the Holy Gospel and then leads them back into the sanctuary.
  2. Torch bearers-Acolytes serving as torch bearers walk beside and slightly behind the Crucifer in procession in and out of Church. Each torch bearer carries a tall, lighted candle during the Gospel procession and stand beside the Gospel Book “lighting the Word of God.” 
  3. Altar Servers-Acolytes serving as crucifer or torch bearers on Sunday assist during the Eucharist in a variety of other ways: opening and closing the Communion rail, receiving the Offering Plates at the Offertory, assisting the Priest/Celebrant at the altar.
  4. Gospel Book Bearer-The Gospel Book is carried in procession  just before the Priest/Celebrant and is carried in the Gospel procession to the center aisle and holds it while the Celebrant proclaims the Gospel of the day.