About Saint John's


Who We Are

At Saint John’s Episcopal Church, worship forms the heart of our community, from which all our core values flow. We are affiliated through the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, or “The Episcopal Church in Connecticut”, to the worldwide Anglican Communion.  As Episcopalians, our worship life is guided by the Book of Common Prayer. As part of Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, we celebrate our Catholic and Reformedfaith in the rich traditions of Anglican worship. Our central act of worship is the Holy Eucharist, or mass, as some may refer to it.   

Our mission, that is, God’s mission, might best be described as “Joyful discipleship gathering people to Christ”. We witness that mission in the beauty of the ancient traditions of Christian worship, by our commitment to caring community outreach; through Christian education programs for all ages and through a collaborative approach to all the ministries of the church.

St. John’s parishioners, together make up a diverse, multi-cultural congregation centered around our common life of prayer and worship in the Holy Eucharist. We are young adults, active seniors, grandparents and parents with children, teens, college students, and families of all “shapes and sizes.” We’re single, married, gay, straight, divorced, rich and poor. Some are life-long Episcopalians and many were raised in other Christian denominations who have found a religious and spiritual home here at St. John’s.

All that we are and all that we do is empowered by the Grace of God which is given to us through the Holy Sacraments of the Church instituted by Christ, particularly the Holy Eucharist and Holy Baptism.